About us

An innovative research and design office specializing in eco-construction. Our goal is to build high performance and well isolated buildings. Our thermal isolation technology guarantees you real monthly energy savings! Certified materials provide a fast and high-quality construction process. Home construction is carried out by highly certified masters, with certificates issued by Passive House Institute, approved by Professor Wolfgang Feist in Darmstadt, Germany.

We offer:

1. Up to 25m2 small house will allow you to enjoy summer as well as winter evenings outside the city.

2. The 25m2 – 60m2 medium size house is a great option for those who want to combine comfort with minimalism.

3. 60m2 – 120m2 house-functional and in combination with resource optimization will be ideal for new families.

4. 120m2 and larger houses will be suitable for those who want to combine space with low maintenance costs.